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Hi! I am Clémentine de Forton, French Yoga teacher based in Spain Barcelona


I spent my last 20 years living abroad and mainly in Asia, melting with the subtles oriental energies and ancient wisdoms which open my heart to Yoga and beyond. Practicing yoga since 2003, I share years of teachings and learnings from the likes of Master Suresh, Kenny Meitei,  Andrei Ram Om and Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute (Gov.  Yoga Institute India). 

I am sensitive, creative and free spirit by nature and that's what i am thriving to bring into my classes. Each class is deliberately fun, focused, and naturally flowing. In a warm and lovingly atmosphere I support and adjust each and every students to reach an individual and deeper practice.

Philosophical teaching, pranayama  and meditation are also part of each class in order to bring a truly balanced and deep experience.

Yoga transcended mere practice for me, and invited me to look beyond leading me into a comprehensive holistic approach. Over the past decade, I've expanded my knowledge by training in various disciplines: remote viewing at IRIS (School of Intuition in Paris), Quantitative Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) at Dolores Cannon School in the USA, and becoming a Reiki master under the guidance of Ambika Menon in Singapore. These captivating tools and insights aren't just for personal growth—I leverage them to help individuals unlock their full potential and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. The transformation extends across physical, emotional, energetic, and mental realms!



As a woman, mother of 3 children, spouse, sister, daughter, friend, growing in different cultures, I know what are the challenges to finding the balance through the different archetypes of life. I find mine in maintaining a devoted self practice and commitment to personal inquiry and growth; I am very happy to  help you find yours.

If you live in Spain,  come say hi and join me  for classes! 

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