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  • You will benefit a holistic approach to activate your full body and mind during 75 min. Expect breathing  exercices, Kryias, deep relaxation, stretching and strengthtening asanas. 

  • You will be safe and receive a personalised approach.   We always start with a warm up sequence in order to safely prepare the student for the asanas that will follow, depending on each individual limits with no judgement.

  • The class is structured based on a sequence following the classical Hatha Yoga postures.

  • Expect to be challenged and have fun with a mix of  balancing, inversion, forward bend, back bend & twisting.

  • Classes are in French & English in small groups.  Please bring your own mat.

  • 25 sgd for group class , 15 sgd for zoom class, 120 sgd for private class.

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