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6 Things to Know About Meditation

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

1. You meditate to access unconscious space of the mind 

“When we pray we speak to the universe

When we meditate we listen to the universe”

Meditation is a state that brings you to a space of calmness where you can listen, feel, be, and where all possibilities exist.

"You meditate to consolidate your strenghts, to hold your challenges better, and to expand your range of mental, emotional, somatic and spiritual states. " says Toby Ouvry.

Reaching this space with discipline everyday will not only train you to know which decisions are good for yourself but also train you to react better and more mindfully to outward stimulus, provocation and what challenges life brings to you. At the end of the day, maybe we can not control the actions, choices and behaviors of others, but we can control how we react. Keep strong, calm and centered in your pursuit of a better path where fear is NOT your master. You want to act consciously instead of re-acting unconsciously.

You reconnect to your body.

2. Keep your spine straight

To reach this spaceof calm and consciousness you need to activate the life force running inside of you. This life force finds its source at the base of the spine and run all the way upward to your heart, third eye, and over head. The spine is the highway from which all roads and channels of energy flow towards your brain, your organs, your body parts, your cells and tissues, acting on your hormones and then expanding energetically outside of your physical body into what is called the etheric body. The etheric body is, for most people, invisible and stores all the memories & traumas, basically all emotions, but also the pure consciousness (the soul). 

Therefore keeping your spine straight and finding a good posture is important to let the vital energy flow and rise up.

The best pose is the seated lotus pose but it is not easy ! There are also several options for each of us individually, you may seat crossed legged on a block, seat on a chair  feet grounded on the floor, lying down, or walk !

Keeping your spine straight for a long time may be challenging. That is why we practice Hatha Yoga asanas, to build up muscle strength along the spine and to release tensions in all parts of the body, increasing the power of focus and concentration.

3. Focus on breathing

Breathing is a very good starting point to prepare for your practice and lead you to the unconscious space. There is no wrong way as long as you keep breathing in a mindful way. The focus is on the quality of your breathing, shut out everything else. 

Let do it !

In your chosen position with a spine straight (point 2), relaxing shoulders down, releasing tension in your face muscles, keeping your belly and your chest open for breathing. 

INHALE in 4 or 5 counts, visual the life force emerging from the base of the spine to your heart,

EXHALE in double counts (8 or 10 counts), visualize the life force rising upward from your heart towards your head and over head.

Do this 5 times, 10 times, or more, and until you have reached calmness. Counting helps your thoughts to not drift to distraction. The Inner-You space is right here, right now. Enjoy!

If you can’t reach the space, stay with your breath. The more you practice the easier it will get to find the space.

4. There is no wrong way 

There is no wrong way to meditate as long as your conscious breathing is here.

 You can go for a walk alone, look at nature, practice asanas mindfully, put on some music, candles or incense or whatever help you to create a spaced and calm space around you. 

You can choose to meditate on a subject as love and compassion or forgiveness, or even on your worst emotions of fear and anger. Don’t be scared, just watch with a lot of detachment and let the magic operates.

When you are more trained, you will be able to meditate in the subway surrounded by people and noise. 

When you focus on your breath consciously, nothing else matters.

5. Your goal is the quality

Your goal is the quality of your meditation, not the length. Start with 5 minutes only to help set a regular practice. Consistent meditation is more important than lengthy meditation. Start with no expectation, just for the process. Because things will ultimately change.

The more you meditate the more you cleanse and recharge your physical and etheric bodies. Your health is better, your mind is stronger, your etheric body becomes more luminous and wider. You feel lighter and good, boosted with positive energy and creativity. 

6. You have the power to heal yourself

Meditation is the most precious gift you can offer to yourself. It

- slows down, or even prevents, some neurodegenerative diseases.

- improves your memory

- makes making decisions easier

- can be more efficient than sleep

- can be a more effective painkiller than  morphine

- leads to neuroplasticity in the brain

- helps to reduce blood pressure

- reduces stress

- improves one’s attention span

- increases kindness

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