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What is Yoga?

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

What is Yoga ?

Classical Hatha Yoga is ancient, believed to be in existence for 10,000 years. It was developed during the Vedic period in India and designed to prepare the body for extensive and intensive forms of meditation. Meditation is still accepted as one of the primary tools of self development. Today while many different schools of yoga have developed such as Asthanga, Strala, Kundalini, Yin etc, the postures or asanas remain virtually unchanged. What distinguishes these schools are added emphasis on cardio, dynamic movement or even more slow fluid steps similar to Tai Chi. Whatever the type of yoga, the aim is clear - to bring about an alignment of body and mind for a stress free life.

Yoga will Transform your Life !

Yoga is a science of wellness, that teaches us how to improve our mental and emotional well being through a very simple tool - our breath! Breath is the essence of Yoga as it is of life. How we breathe affects our moods and our thinking, inevitably affecting our health. As we learn the different breathing techniquesassociatedwith Yoga, we begin to handle the daily highs and lows of life with greater detachment and equanimity. With greater calm and peace, our confidence, charisma and clarity improve. 

           Yoga will Boost and Regenerate your Energy !

Yoga is practiced through various asanas - standing, seated, twisting, lying down and inverted. The combination of deep breathing and postures improves blood pressure and circulation, and strengthens the immune system. Not only can you experience better sleep and rest, but more energy and a greater commitment to a healthier diet! Yoga works as a detox, removing years of accumulated debris and impurities from our bodies, allowing you to showcase a more radiant and even youthful physical appearance !

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